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Starcraft 2 I'm breaking up with you Part 2

Yukie encouraged me to keep playing so I have. I got up to top 500 in the US at one point and fell back a bit recently. Other than the basic premise of the last post (due in August) I have made good progress on the other elements. It's time for an update and a new list!

Things I'd rather do than play SC2 all day-- and have significant improvement by August January 1st on all fronts

New job at a company with future potential
- Job building progressive talents
+ A job doing something I actually want to support as a person
+ A job in Seattle, not Bellevue
- Escape sales

*Completed with flying colors. I have a new Marketing Manager - Affiliate Networks position that I enjoy a lot. Same company and I still live in Bellevue but I'm okay with that for now.

New apartment on the west side with a kickass kitchen
- Cook and stuff

*My new 1br is quite nice and I do cook a lot! I'm not particularly attached to the apartment but I am attached to living in my own place.

Learn real statistics (applied?)
- Write a blog with statistics as subject matter
*While I did some good review of stats work I never did anything substantive. I think there are possibilities in my new professional position to utilize stats anew. Even multivariate testing!

Learn to program software
-Create, build, get skill for future
*Nothing happening here but again, possibilities at work.

Learn to play an instrument
- Make my own music
*Nope... Been thinking of a Launchpad recently.

Own a new car
- Sweet
*Old one is doing well so haven't brought myself to kill it.

Super fit, totally super
*Not yet.. but just wait :)

Go camping and hiking
-It's awesome
*Only a little of this lately. Trying to do it more. Not vital though, really.

Write Senior student thesis for Western retroactively
- Graduate with honors
*Not sure on this one anymore.

So now for a new list. Some old, some new. had a god start on some of them already!

Super fit, totally super
*I hit 175 pounds recently and that's fucking ridic.
- Lose weight, weight 155 pounds
- Run 10k
- Get eyes checked
Bonus: 6 pack just cause

- Stick to it!
- Increase net worth $1,000 per month
- If you want to spend more, make more!

Fix dat shi~
- Car exhaust smell
- air conditioning
- Fix bike ignition
- Bike scheduled maintenance
- Car maintenance (oil, tires, fluids)

Study negotiation
Speed reading
Make my own music
Write Diary
Program a computer (language)

Get rid of some crap
- Guitars
- Computer junk (build HTPC?)
- keyboard tray
- sell expensive mountaineering gear?
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