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Uncle Bud

My millionaire Uncle Bud has written me. Here's what I'm not sending him in order to not spoil my family's inheritance. Note that he has said many times how he wants to help, and now refuses to give any money to both my parents and my brother, who are in financial hard-times and want only to help themselves outlast them or, in the case of my brother, go to school.

Bud says:
Subject: Jeff
Body: i think he needs some guidance. i have refused to give him any more money. he says he is broke. i recommend you tell him to join one of the armed services immediately. uncle bud

Hi Uncle Bud

Let me start by saying I appreciate all that you have given us. You have been generous and amicable. That said, I disagree with you on two main points here.

First, my brother may need some guidance. However, you should realize he just turned 21 and is moving in a great direction for his life. He made some mistakes as a teenager but to suggest that he is misguided now is very disrespectful to him. He lost his job. He is in school full time and having trouble finding another job. He wants to get a degree in business and aspires to manage hotels. He is an intelligent, charismatic young man and, quite frankly, way too good for the military. This is my second point.

Several years ago I discussed with my brother to prospect of joining the armed forces. There may be some small advantages, financial or otherwise, but I did not recommend the military to him then nor will I do so now. I love him too much to see him killed or to encourage a situation in which he would be required to directly kill or facilitate the killing of another human being.

Thank you for your suggestion.

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