mdohm/Mattyd (mdohm) wrote,

Starcraft 2 I'm breaking up with you

I'm really good at Starcraft 2 after all the time I spend thinking about it. Top 1% in the world, actually.

That said I'm stagnating. Time to move forward.

Things I'd rather do than play SC2 all day-- and have significant improvement by August on all fronts

New job at a company with future potential
- Job building progressive talents
+ A job doing something I actually want to support as a person
+ A job in Seattle, not Bellevue
- Escape sales

New apartment on the west side with a kickass kitchen
- Cook and stuff

Learn real statistics (applied?)
- Write a blog with statistics as subject matter

Learn to program software
-Create, build, get skill for future

Learn to play an instrument
- Make my own music

Own a new car
- Sweet

Super fit, totally super

Go camping and hiking
-It's awesome

Write Senior student thesis for Western retroactively
- Graduate with honors
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