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I'm an unemployed student who plays poker on the internet for money, even though I have tendinitis in my hands from years of computer use. I'm studying Japanese and communication at Western Washington University.

I believe that most people are inherently evil, selfish drones. I like to think I'm not. I believe that words are weak, and actions speak volumes. I believe that in life you will get screwed, and that the measure of your character is how you roll with the punches. I don't belive in luck. I like to gamble. Religion is not justification for war and neither is money. The RIAA is evil and copyright law is obscenely outdated in an era where we have the ability to costlessly replicate intellectual property. Computers make me angry. Politics are drepressing, 1984 is now, and perspective is all-encompassing.

I'm a huge dork, too.